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Handwerk, Design und Businesskonzept für den Start ins eigene Business.

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Christina Krug, Konditormeisterin, Training und Consulting
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Christina Krug

Christina Krug is an entrepreneur and the founder of Schnabulerie. Originally coming from a background in cultural management, she quit her job after the birth of her son to start training as a pastry chef. Just one year after completing her master’s exam and founding her own business, Schnabulerie was already one of the leading patisseries in the event industry. This was followed by high-profile weddings such as that of Lena Hoschek, the wedding of an Indian billionaire featuring a 2-meter golden cake, an exhibition of baroque luxury cakes at Palais Liechtenstein, and stage-filling cake installations for business events. Christina Krug also serves as a jury member in competitions, works as a food stylist, and is a testimonial for baking products. She is known and awarded for her beautiful and handcrafted design cakes, combining traditional confectionery art with contemporary design. As a perfectionist with incredible attention to detail, she is at the forefront of the current transformation of the Austrian pastry scene and supports trained as well as late-career pastry chefs on their path to passing their master’s exam or starting their own businesses.

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One doesn't have to accomplish everything alone. Often, it is more successful and energy-saving to pursue the path to the goal with the support of professionals.

Together instead of a lone fighter
Christina Krug Konditormeisterin, Training und Consulting

The best investment is in oneself. Further education always pays off.

Lifelong learning
Christina Krug Konditormeisterin, Training und Consulting

One does not learn a trade by watching, but through practice - ideally with good guidance.

Learning from the best
Christina Krug Konditormeisterin, Training und Consulting
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Christina Krug

How did you get into baking?

I used to love baking passionately as a child. However, the idea that it could also be a profession was hardly ever discussed during my time in high school. It wasn't until I took time off with my son that I rediscovered my enthusiasm for baking and decided to turn it into a business.

How did you manage the 180-degree shift from culture to craftsmanship?

It wasn't easy, as there is still no part-time educational path for career changers. I learned the craft on my own by traveling around to learn from the best: cake design abroad and Austrian pastry culture at home.

What do you value in your business?

I believe that a high standard of quality combined with authenticity is the most important. I can only sell what I embody and stand behind. Anything else would not be sustainable.

Why are there now, in addition to the Schnabulerie courses, also the training programs?

In the past few years, I have had new ideas that eventually outgrew the scope of Schnabulerie. The Corona crisis gave me a break to think, during which all these ideas were sorted, a new focus was set, and a new framework was created. What has always been the most enjoyable for me is passing on craftsmanship and knowledge. Over the years and also on my personal journey, I have realized that there are two enormous areas of need in the confectionery industry: modern cake design techniques (currently only learnable from cake designers in England, Australia, or America) and learning the craft as a latecomer. Both are now possible in my newly created studio.

Why do you also offer services for companies in other industries?

Mastering your craft to perfection is just the basic requirement to even enter the competition. In the business world, a whole different set of challenges awaits you, which significantly influence your success: marketing, a knack for numbers, networking, customer service, sales talent - just to name a few. Starting and successfully running a business is a craft like any other, one that can be learned - ideally not from books, but from practical experience. In my day-to-day business life (which I sometimes wished could be calmer), there are hardly any things I haven't encountered. But not every experience has to be lived through personally - one can certainly benefit from the experiences of others.

Christina Krug, Konditormeisterin, Training und Consulting


Torte Barock Luxus Christina Krug
Baroque Luxury Cakes
Hochzeitstorte Lena Hoschek - kreiert von Christina Krug (Schnabulerie)
Wedding Cake for Lena Hoschek
Gigantische Torte Bollywood Hochzeit Wien Christina Krug
Gigantic Cake for Bollywood Wedding

One doesn’t have to experience everything firsthand. Benefiting from the experiences of others saves time, money, and nerves.

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