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Lena Hoschek´s Wedding Cake

Lena Hoschek had been engaged for quite some time, and her highly anticipated wedding to Mario in Styria followed. Christina Krug was tasked with creating the wedding cake for the occasion.

A designer who sets new standards in fashion naturally had plenty of unconventional ideas for her wedding. Lena didn’t opt for a classic wedding cake, but instead chose a Pâtisserie cake. It needed to be so light and airy that it had to be made on-site—transporting it would have been impossible.

Light and airy texture

For her cake, Lena wanted an extremely airy sponge with a light, not overly sweet cream. This was no easy task, as wedding cakes are typically made from firmer types of cake for structural and decorative purposes. Christina created a new recipe specifically for this, featuring an especially fluffy yet stable sponge and an airy cream made from mascarpone and forest berries. The decoration was meant to be lavish, featuring various fresh berries, rosemary, and flowers. To give the berries a glamorous look, they were rolled in crystallized sugar and placed on the meringue coating of the cake.

Cutting the Cake!

After two days of intense baking, stirring, decorating, and using 15kg of berries, the work for 250 guests was completed and ceremoniously cut after the afternoon reception. Of course, Lena and Mario tasted their cake and were visibly delighted with the result. „This is exactly how we imagined the cake!“ Lena exclaimed as her groom enjoyed their shared slice of cake…

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