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Wedding Cakes Perfection - Cake Decoration

Are you already a professional and want to perfect your craft in the field of wedding cakes? Or have you already completed the ‚Wedding Cakes Basics Course‘ and are now ready for the next step? Then you are in the right place for the ‚Wedding Cakes Perfection‘ course!

After numerous travels to various countries, I have found that the most delicious cakes can be found in Austria and France. And where is the most beautiful cake design at home? In Great Britain, Australia, and the USA. According to my motto ‚Learn from the Best!‘, I have studied the inner workings of cakes in Austria and France and the beautiful exterior with cake designers from English-speaking countries. These design techniques are hardly taught in Austria so far but are all the more in demand due to a flood of breathtaking cake images on social media.

After 10 years and over 1000 beautiful AND delicious cakes, I am now passing on this knowledge from scratch.

The inner workings of the cakes are taught in the ‚Wedding Cakes Basics Course‘. In the ‚Wedding Cakes Perfection – Decor‘ course, we now focus on decoration techniques that I learned from cake designers in England and Australia – specifically for decorating designer cakes. We will extensively cover ornaments made from royal icing, calligraphy on cakes, working with edible gold and silver, as well as decorations with wafer paper. During the course, we will work on a previously fondant-covered 4-tier Styrofoam cake, which can be taken home and immediately added as a model to your own cake collection.

To round off your portfolio in cake decoration, I recommend taking the ‚Wedding Cakes Perfection – Sugar Flowers‘ course afterwards, where handcrafted roses, hydrangeas, anemones, and various other flowers and leaves are taught.

If you are considering opening your own bakery or want to take your existing business to the next level, I recommend to have a look at my Consulting Sessions!


– Covering cakes flawlessly smooth with fondant
– Stacking cakes
– Ornaments made from royal icing
– Working with edible gold/silver
– Calligraphy on cakes
– Working with wafer paper
– Cake design: Inspiration and approach

1.5 days: 14-18 and 10-18 o’clock
Lunch break with catering included


Fr., 10. May 2024 | 14-18
Sa., 11. May 2024 | 10-18


St. Gabriel
Grenzgasse 111, Eingang 9/1
2344 Maria Enzersdorf


– 10% discount when booking „Wedding Cakes Basics Course“  or „Wedding Cakes Perfection – Sugar Flowers„.
Prices excl. VAT payable upon registration.


We recommend a cancellation insurance that covers the cancellation costs if you unexpectedly have to cancel the course for an insured reason (e.g. due to sudden illness). Here you can find information and details about the seminar cancellation insurance!

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This Course is for you

If you want to save time and money by not traveling around the world to learn these decorating techniques.

If you want to expand your existing business with modern design wedding cakes and take it to the next level profitably.

If you want to make a wedding cake yourself and have already completed the basic course.

If you want to clarify for yourself whether this business is right for you, without having to immediately quit your job..


I don't have a pastry chef training. Is the course suitable for me?

The course can also be attended by pastry chefs without formal training or by amateurs. However, you should have completed the basic course beforehand.

How many spots are available in the "Wedding Cakes Perfection" course?

In order to ensure the best possible supervision ratio, only a small group with a limited number of participants.

Where does the "Wedding Cakes Perfection" take place?

The course takes place in the professionally equipped studio bakery in Maria Enzersdorf/Mödling in the south of Vienna.

I have a long journey. Are there any accommodation options?

Right next to the studio is the newly opened Hotel Gabrium. You can find more information about the hotel and booking here!

Is there catering provided during the course?

During the course we will provide drinks, coffee and lunch.

The cost of the course is a large sum for me. Is "Wedding Cakes Perfection" worth it?

From experience, I can say that traveling and taking courses abroad to learn decorating techniques were significantly more expensive - and it was worth it. Another important point is the tuition you save. Fixing a failed wedding cake, compensating the customer, and dealing with bad reviews can be very costly. Time is also a factor in this training: you get the experience of 10 years in the cake business concentrated in just a few days. Therefore, several weeks of vacation or educational leave are not necessary.

"Christina Krug knows exactly what it takes in this business. Valuable tips from her personal experiences as an independent entrepreneur are worth their weight in gold!"
Theresa Jahoda
Pastry Chef and Cake Designer
"For anyone looking to refresh their knowledge, has specific questions, and wants to strengthen and expand their skills, I highly recommend Christina's personal one-on-one training. I feel optimally prepared for my master exam and know that I have a strong mentor in the background who supports and encourages me at all times and will continue to stand by my side in the future."
Veronika Selnar
Pastry Chef
"The courses with Christina were a great help in giving me the confidence to attempt my first wedding cake. Her tools continue to accompany me and form a large part of the foundation of my cakes. Additionally, the admiration for her perfection in creating her works was the impetus for me to begin my training as a career changer to become a pastry chef. Thank you dear Christina for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us!"
Melanie Proyer
Pastry Chef
"Thanks to Christina's explanations, demonstration of techniques, and tips, not only was I more than satisfied with the end result. You receive recipes that are foolproof and easy to implement. It was a wonderful course in a relaxed location with a highly competent instructor - I definitely recommend it!"
Julia Fleischanderl


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