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A cake of superlatives

When the daughter of an Indian billionaire gets married, the celebration resembles scenes from a Bollywood movie!

The 700 guests were all invited to Vienna, where they celebrated for two days with pomp and glory in the most elegant locations such as the Palais Liechtenstein, the Hofburg, and the Belvedere. Among the guests were the who’s who of Indian high society, designers, actors, and singers such as Bruno Mars, who also performed.

One of the largest wedding cakes

Naturally, the cake at the celebration had to be equally impressive. Christina Krug was able to draw on a lavish array of decorations and accessories for this task! Standing at 170cm tall, adorned with over 500 sugar flowers, 250 sheets of edible gold leaf, and requiring 600 eggs for 7 tiers—truly one of her largest wedding cakes!

Gold leaf and sugar flowers

The journey to creating this cake was certainly no ordinary one. After a week of work, it sparkled from top to bottom with gold leaf, adorned with nothing but sugar flowers in the evening, and much of the assembly took place at dizzying heights on a ladder. For the interior of the cake, the couple chose a nut cake with a filling of chocolate mousse made from a blend of the finest Belgian praline chocolate.

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